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my employer did not pay my salary in January, but paid two salaries in February (for both January and February). As a result, they took a much higher tax (they taxed 43% on the whole amount, instead of 30%, for each month separately). 

Who can advise what is the right tax to be paid in this case?

They do not want to adjust this difference. I would like to avoid having to wait till next year in April when this will tax difference will be returned. 

Thank you in advance. 

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  1. anon
    D Andersson
    feb 27, 2018


    Would you can do is to apply for something called “jämkning” at Skatteverket. This means that in the future the monthly deduction for tax will be lower and indirectly you will receive the tax back.

    Kind regards


    Daniel Andersson är skattejurist hos Skattepunkten AB