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I would be very grateful if you could you give me your interpretation of Article 17 and 18 in the new agreement below.


I am a UK National only, but am resident in Sweden and my sole income is UK pensions consisting of a Governent pension, a State Pension and also an Annuity (from a private pension).

Are ALL my UK pensions and annuity now taxable in Sweden even though I am not a Swedish national?

Thank you.


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  1. anon
    Kaj Rask
    mar 30, 2016

    According to article 29 paragraph 5 of the new tax treaty, a natural person who, immediately before the entry into force of the tax treaty was the recipient of such payments within the scope of article 18 (pensions, annuities) or article 19 paragraph 2 (retirement due to public service) in the previous tax treaty, choose to comply with the provisions of the latter articles, and not the provisions of article 17 of the new tax treaty, continue to apply to such payments. This choice is valid for the year in which the election is made and each of the subsequent years, provided that the selection has not been revoked by the person. When an election is revoked may not new elections made pursuant to this paragraph. Because you are a citizen only in UK, you can probably continue to declare retirement as before.