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Every so thwart into tournament poker, you'll find yourself in a situation where you are the table big stack. Perhaps you've been crushing your table all day, or you've recently caught the a surge of good care. Regardless of how Exactly you've got there, youll Need to Adapt to the situation and Learn how to play your big stack effectively. Below, well examine some basic concepts for how to handle a big stack and Maximize Profitability At the Table. Make Your Presence Known You are The King and this is your kingdom! Believe it or not, some amateur players who find themeselves sitting on very large stacks do little to Change Up Their game play. Oftentimes, having a large stack can cause some to play even tighter, as They fear losing Their mountain of chips. This Is Certainly not the most profitable approach. As the table big stack, you are unable to Be Eliminated from play in any one given hand. That being said, You Have the Power to put any of your opponents all in for Their tournament lives at any moment. Thatsa powerful thing. Your opponents Should Fear You and your massive stack, note the other way around.