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I'm a Canadian with family residency in Sweden since 2011.

Currently I am working part time and this is 100% of my income

I also write as a hobby but would like to self-publish. I don't think I will be making more than a 50,000 profit at first so I'm wondering if this is covered under hobby-income.

I worry because I will be participating in behavior that seems to be considered business behavior, such as intention to continue business long term, marketing, and expenses and investments typical to businesses.

1 Kommentarer
  1. anon
    D Andersson
    aug 02, 2017


    Since you have an intention of making a profit it is not considered to be a hobby but a business.

    But the truth is that it is better to have a business since it is easier to make deductions in a business compared to hobby.

    Kind regards


    Daniel Andersson är skattejurist hos Skattepunkten AB