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Hej folks,

After three years of living in Sweden, we as a family decided to stay, and now are undergoing all Visa extension, etc.

As decision is to permanently settle in Sweden I want to move all my savings from non-EU country back to Sweden.

Kindly let me know if I need to have paperwork (and what) in order complete this transfer from non-EU Bank to Swedens Bank? If there are things what Bank or Skateverket needs to check?


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  1. anon
    D Andersson
    maj 11, 2021


    If you transfer more then 150 000 SEK the bank will report to Skatteverket that you have transferred money from abroad to Sweden. Skatteverket may then ask you to show where the money comes from, but it is not for sure they ask. I would recommend you to contact the Bank and ask what information they would like to have from you before you transfer the money.



    Daniel Andersson är skattejurist hos Skattepunkten AB