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Skatteverket has advised me that my income earned in the US from my LLC is taxable here in Sweden if I am living here.  This business is just myself;  an online business that I run here from Sweden.  I am basically running this to keep myself active in the industry and to hold contact with my customers while I am living here in Sweden, and am earning a minimal income from this.   My question is,  Are there any tax reduction stategies that I am not aware of, that can help a small business avoid double taxation? 

The other question is, If I pay income taxes here in Sweden, is there a swedish pension based on this income for me, when or if that day comes that I am pensionär here in Sweden?  Thanks for any advice. 


Dave Robertsson

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  1. anon
    Kaj Rask
    dec 18, 2012


    If you are resident in Sweden and pay tax here for income in your LLC, then Sweden shall credit the tax you have payed on the same income in US. So there will be no double taxation. You are entitled to Swedish pension based on income taxed here.