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3 Kommentarer
  1. anon
    Kaj Rask
    dec 10, 2012

    Your tax lawyer seems to be right. The regulation is in 5 kap. 2 a § income tax law.

  1. anon
    dec 10, 2012


    I have a registered but dormant LLC company in the US, I am a Swedish citizen, and have read a great deal about this:

    1. If you are the sole member of your company, then your LLC is cosidered to be a sole proprietor company, where you are personally responsible for your earnings.

    2. However, if you  conduct business only outside of the US, you do not have to pay any tax in the US. 

    I do not know if you have to pay tax here in Sweden, since you are an Aussie citizen - you have to check that with your tax authorities in Australia.

    Hope this helps.



  1. anon
    dec 11, 2012

    if you are the person doing the work and doing it from sweden its a big risk the authorities will say they consider the company to have a permanent establishment in sweden and required to pay tax accordingly. the question of tax in the us is not relevant, yes its correct but instead u are liable to tax in sweden.