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I am seeking a Swedish tax adviser to give some expert guidance on the following...

A UK citizen, resident in Sweden, employed full-time by a UK company. Seeking to pay fair but minimum necessary taxes - ie avoid double taxation which both countries tax offices seem to insist are applicable despite the Sweden/UK DTA. Preference is to pay taxes to the country of residence and also to not have any complications with access to health care and other social services in Sweden.

If you are able to offer expert advice on this and are a practicing tax adviser or accountant, please let me know how to get in touch.


1 Kommentarer
  1. anon
    Inger Paulin
    jun 29, 2010

    Hi austy,

    It is not possible to give you a reply with the information you are providing. A UK citizen who is a Swedish resident and having a UK employer pays tax where he is a resident under the DBT between Sweden and UK unless he performs work in the other state. If you are  a resident (domiciled) in the UK and in Sweden and you only have a home in Sweden - under the tax treaty Sweden is your resident state. Having a UK employer  short term assignment performed in the UK  might be taxable there. Sweden will give you a credit for the UK tax.

    You are welcome to contact us is you wnat further advice.

    Kind regards Inger